Sunday, 30 October 2016

Photo An Hour: Saturday 29th October

Each month Jane and Louisa arrange Photo An Hour, and for the second month in a row I managed to remember in time to take part!

Saturday was a fairly quiet day: despite being our four year anniversary, Thomas had to work down in London all day so I mostly pottered around the house, did a wee bit of shopping, and hung out with the cat. Check out the #photoanhour hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to see who else took part and what they got up to.
Just awake and starting the day right: in bed with a book. I'm halfway through This Song Will Save Your Life and very much enjoying it so far. This quote felt very relatable to me: "Lord knows you can launch any kind of criticism at me... but don't you dare doubt my musical knowledge," because that was basically me when I was 16, too.
How every Saturday at home begins: listening to the Huey show on BBC 6Music while waiting for the kettle to boil. He's an absolute twat of a man, but his taste in music is impeccable.

Missy doing her best Batman impression. This is one of her favourite spots on which to sit, while she susses out whether the bed it ready for her to make the leap.
12 noon:
I'd pretty much finished getting ready when I realised I hadn't showered since Thursday! So, full make-up on and hair already put up, I dashed to the bathroom quickly and remedied the situation.
Hearts or bees? I've been lusting after this bee-print Primark shirt since I saw it on Donna's blog and Rebecca's Instagram. Sadly, #bigboobproblems struck again: the only size I could get fastened over my chest hung like a sack everywhere else.
I got bored pretty quickly in town when I realised I can't afford to buy much, so I came home to see this furry little face snoozing in her usual spot on the end of our bed. I sat with her for a while and read an improving book  faffed about on my phone until I felt I should actually achieve something, so...

... to the office/craft room, where I finally - a year after purchasing it - started to use this cute fox-print fabric. I made a couple of zipped pouches, which will probably find their way into some Christmas gift swaps, and then got sick of my sewing machine playing silly buggers so I went to sort out...

... the woodshed. I'd popped to Aldi earlier in the morning to get more of their excellent value kiln-dried logs (god I sound like such a nanna). I love a well-stocked wood shed, so this task gave me more satisfaction than it perhaps should have.
Completely lacking inspiration for my 5 o'clock photo, so I snapped what was closest to me: the anniversary card I gave Thomas this morning. Black cats + stripes + staying in = very apt.
This may look like your common-or-garden photograph of a sleeping cat, but it's a record of only the fourth time Missy has ever sat on my lap! After adopting her four months ago, both Thomas and I have used various wiles to try and get her to settle down with us but she showed no interest until a week ago, when she sat on my lap three times over the course of the weekend. Then a week with no lap action... followed by Thomas getting a precious 10 minute sit on Thursday and this long snooze on my lap last night. (Since then, she has run onto my lap when fireworks scared her last night, which just about made me weep with joy, and had a long snuggle with me this morning. Aaaaaaah!)
Wine o'clock. Strictly o'clock. 
Thomas is home! He'd had a good day at the London Anarchist Book Fair, his workshop had gone well, and, being the total boss he is, he'd brought me presents. Yep, this guy knows me well: forget anniversary flowers, what really sets my heart racing is anniversary zines about fat activism 💕
And in a rather meta turn of events, my final photograph of the day was one of me editing this very post, while waiting for Thomas to finish watching Borgen.

Did you take part in Photo An Hour yesterday? Hit me up in the comments so I can have a peek at your day.


  1. I totally managed to take part in photo of an hour but when I remembered I was supposed to be taking part it was already nearly 3! I think that might be a female cat thing, Nancy never comes and snuggles but the boys do regularly. But every now and again we'll have a weekend of nothing but snuggles from her! Especially if one of the boys is already on my lap and I end up with a kinda Tetris game of cats all trying to fit on my lap 😂

    Charlotte |

    1. From my non-scientific study of the cats I have known, I have found that male cats are a bit more snuggly. But it just makes it all the nicer when a female cat deigns to grace your lap with her presence!

    2. Yes that's true!!! As much as I enjoy my snuggles with the boys it's so much more special when it's her x

  2. I forgot which is AWFUL as I had such an interesting evening which would have yielded great photos!x

    1. Oh that's a shame! I always enjoy having a peek at your days.

  3. Happy 4 years!

    That's the second time I've seen that bee shirt on a blog. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bees and I'm sad that I no longer live near a Primark. There are literally zero Primarks in Switzerland!

    1. That's a pain; do you have any UK-based family who could post it to you?

  4. Wow, you are so organised to have this post up already, but then you did start on Saturday! I have at least four Photo an Hours to catch up on now, but I think I may have my blogging mojo back just a little!

    "He's an absolute twat of a man" made me laugh a lot!

    1. It annoys me that his show is so good, music-wise, because he really is a massive knobhead!

  5. Once again, I realised it was photo an hour day at about 11am when I saw one of your photos. I need an alert on my phone or something.
    I always love how you manage to get so many different shots for your Saturdays. Mine would never be that varied. I also love that you wrote twat in the post. Such a great, under used word.

    Oh and Happy anniversary!

    1. I use twat a lot, I think it comes from a decade of teaching teenagers and needing a not-too-offensive word to mutter in the staffroom about certain little darlings.

      And Photo An Hour is brilliant for making me do stuff - usually a quiet Saturday would be 6 hours of me sitting reading, but when I know I'm taking photos it makes me a bit more varied in my pursuits (it's pretty much the only time I sew, for example!)

  6. I completely forgot it was photo an hour this time round! One of the few perks of tiny boobs/the figure of a 12 year old boy is that this bee shirt fits. It did however shrink and become slightly shorter in the wash so you've probably had a lucky escape there :)

    1. Oh no, I hate it when things shrink. Yep it definitely wouldn't have been the shirt for me, then!

  7. Missy is such a cutie and it says a lot that she runs to your lap when she's scared!