Words That Can Only Be Your Own

I wrote at Words That Can Only Be Your Own for five years, going from shambolic and poorly-lit phone pics of my weekend baking, to a much more carefully curated blog that took in everything from fashion to books to politics.

And then I got a bit sick of it, tired of putting so much pressure on myself to create 'the perfect blog posts'.

And then I broke it. A combination of jetlag and a slight glitch with Disqus led to me tinkering with my HTML without backing up first, which in turn led to five years of comments - together with my entire commenting system - disappearing.


It came at a good time, though. I needed a break and I've very much enjoyed having a couple of months with no blogging. But now, obviously, I'm back again with a new blog. My old content can still be read at the old URL and I will share old posts here from time to time. But in all other respects I'm mothballing it after five years, half a million page views, 900 posts, and thousands of comments. The moral of the story? Don't mess with your HTML!

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