About Me

Who am I?

My name is Janet, I live in Leicester with one boy and one cat. I'm a book-lover, a fat positive intersectional feminist, a zinester and crafter... and a blogger. 

I have a Boy with whom I go on adventures (he's an academic and also a vegan, so our house is by necessity vegan although I'm not one), far too many books, and the exhausted soul of an introvert. I used to be a teacher but now I work for The Willoughby Book Club in book selections and doing their digital marketing. Dream job or what?

I used to blog at Words That Can Only Be Your Own - you can find more info about my old blog on its tab at the top of the page.

Why Someone, Somewhere?

The name of my old blog was a reference (albeit an incorrect one) to the Smiths song, Cemetery Gates. So while thinking of a new blog name the first thing I did was look up the lyrics to the song and this line jumped out at me...

"There's always someone, somewhere, with a big nose who knows..."

And I thought, 'perfect!'

Why jbistheinitial?

Not poor grammar on my part, I assure you, but another musical reference, this time to a song by long-forgotten 90s rappers the Jungle Brothers...

"jb is the initial, gotta keep it official."

It's been my Twitter and Instagram name for years and has become my online identity, so it made sense to use it as my blog URL.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I've ALWAYS wondered about the Jb thing! Also though it was appropriate with your initials too!

    1. I have yet to find anyone who 'gets' the reference, it's such an obscure one! But I feel that jbistheinitial is a huge part of who I am, isn't it funny how our online identities can be so central nowadays?

  2. So good to have you back Janet, love the new blog and can't wait to read more...
    P.S. I adore Sean Keavney! Though this could be due to the alternative, I cannot stand Grimshaw in the mornings!