Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The Buyer's Archive: July & August

Since February 2015, inspired by Elise's Buyer's Archive project, I've been keeping a record of all my clothing purchases in an effort to track what works and what doesn't and - in theory - cut down on my spending. 

July and August were two months in which I, once again, managed to rein in my spending. I'm really not sure what's becoming of me... could I (whisper it) actually be getting good with money? Or is it just that I'm having a massive style crisis and don't know what to buy?

Mint green top, Sue Ryder Vintage £6
Something which looked better on the hanger than on my body, but I bought anyway for some reason. I love mint green, I love this kind of vintage shell top, but because of my gigantic basoomas it ends up being a really weird length on me. This may find itself on eBay before too long.

Polka dot midi skirt, Sue Ryder Vintage £10
The vintage gods were smiling on me when I went to Nottingham with Becks. Having been on the hunt for a navy blue, pleated polka dot skirt for a while, I was thrilled to find this in my size. It ideally needs taking up a bit, but I've already worn it a few times.

Primark black denim skirt, via eBay £4.40
I bought this exact same skirt in January in the Primark sale and have worn it literally to death - the stitching is all coming out on the front darts - so when I saw a brand new one on eBay I leapt into action and nabbed it.

Tan Saltwater sandals, £34 (not pictured)
Having had a black pair that I didn't wear much but found really comfortable, I was desperate for a tan pair but not keen on paying £60 in this country. So when my cousin booked her flights for the wedding I cheekily asked if I could order them from Modcloth to be delivered to her place in Brooklyn, for her to bring over. I'm so so happy with them - they really are incredibly comfortable and hard-wearing - and I'm already planning how many pairs I can buy in Canada next summer. I also sold my black pair on eBay for more than these new ones cost me, so I'm taking them off the total for July.
90s midi skirt, charity shop £3
I seem to be on a mission to collect 80s & 90s midi skirts that remind me of ones my mum and her friends owned: this one is on the nose.

Striped ringer t-shirt, H&M £6.99
Another one of those purchases where I liked it more on the hanger but bought it anyway. Doh. It's fine tucked in but, thanks to my boobs (again), an awkward length when not tucked: not really cropped, but not a proper t-shirt length either.
In July last year I bought a ridiculous amount of stripes and spent a total of £55.97 (an improvement on July 2015 when I spent £159.38). Of what I bought in 2016, most of it has been well worn. The denim skirt was a staple last summer that has only recently - thanks to stretching out - made its way into the charity bag. Meanwhile, all the striped tops were worn regularly although again, the Sainsburys and H&M t-shirts have both been donated as they stretched until they were too big for me.
In August 2016 my total spend was £50 on yet more stripes - all three of those tops have become the centre of my stripes collection and continue to fare well, being worn on a weekly basis - a pair of jeans that I wore until the thighs gave up, plus a Dorothy Perkins skirt that I ended up selling unworn on eBay.

I'm pleased to see my annual total dropping further compared to last year, although whether I'll keep that up as we transition into a new season's offerings in the shops I don't know.

Total for July: £16 (thanks to selling my old sandals for more than my new ones cost)

Total for August: £13.39

Total so far for 2017: £321.08

Total this time last year: £440.06

Look out for the #buyersarchive hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see the other bloggers taking part.


  1. I (only) bought two striped tops this month - in my defense my other ones are getting worn out! ;-)I have returned most of my purchases this month, thanks GAP for deciding a 31 inch waist is a size 16! (anyway).... Great find with the polka dot skirt! You are doing great with spending this year!

    1. Replacing worn out striped tops counts as essential household expenses as far as I'm concerned!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it just?! I need to get off my lazy bum and hem it though, it's far too long for me at the moment.

  3. You were VERY restrained! But that I were too! I still giggle every time I see a stripy top!

    1. I feel quite smug about how little I'm spending on clothes lately, but I know it's all going to go to pot once the winter stuff is properly in shops.

  4. Replies
    1. I know! So chuffed. Already planning another purchase prior to seeing my cousin again next summer.