Sunday, 27 August 2017

Photo An Hour: Saturday 26th August 2017

I remembered Photo An Hour two months in a row - hooray! It's a rare occurrence for sure. Last year I missed it, but in August 2015 I was at my mum's for Photo An Hour with Thomas, who was playing in a football tournament and opening his birthday presents. 

This year? Sunshine, cat time, an afternoon jaunt to Rugby, and lots of food. Oh, and I had problems with both my camera memory card and my iPhone Photo Stream, which means that some of the pictures here aren't the ones that I Instagrammed. Oh well.
A slow start to the day. Missy very kindly allowed us a long lie-in before coming to ask for her breakfast.
After spending an hour cleaning the house, we rewarded ourselves with banana pancakes with lashings of the maple syrup my uncle brought us from Canada last month when he came for the wedding.
I've finished cleaning the bathroom; now it's time for a shower. 
Obligatory Photo An Hour picture of my outfit. Today it's a thrifted midi skirt, Primark tee, Fuck The Tories necklace and my favourite Make Zines, Destroy Fascism tote bag, because I'm never subtle in my politics or my fashion.
My photo for 1.30pm - some plants on a stall in Rugby market - has disappeared entirely. So onto 2.30pm, when we'd just bought a bargain Ercol chair and were browsing the secondhand books in British Heart Foundation.
A late lunch at the Bacco Lounge in Rugby. The Lounge chain have a reliably great vegan menu and often seem to have venues in smaller towns where otherwise we'd struggle to find vegan food - that being said, I am eating an extremely non-vegan steak & cheddar ciabatta here!
Complete lack of inspiration for a photograph so it's the Insta-cliche of my feet. I am so completely in love with my new tan Saltwater sandals.
Home after a diversion into Home Sense just outside Rugby that yielded some Orla Kiely bedding and the best smelling scented candle ever (Olivia Black Wild Pumpkin & Nutmeg). Excited about my bargain finds (and trying not to think about the £££ I've spent), it's time to find the new chair a home, and it fits perfectly into the office/craft room at the back of our house. 
Ok, I know I'm biased, but isn't this the most beautiful cat?! She sometimes holds her pose so nicely while I take a picture, like she's auditioning for America's Next Top Cat Model.
Neither of us are hungry yet (well, we did have lunch at half three after all) so we're using the time wisely and making a start on thank you notes. The beautiful linocut cards show our ceremony venue and I fortuitously stumbled upon them in a bookshop this week. We're saving them for our families: everyone else gets the beautiful Thank You stationery designed by my cousin, who also made our invitations.
Oops, missed a few hours there! We had dinner and watched Jonathan Creek, then spent a while messing about staring at our phones in an annoying manner, before coming to bed to read for a while.


  1. When you say, "Watched Jonathan Creek,", do you mean NEW Jonathan Creek or old????
    Oooh, Orla Kiely beddng? Do share!!!

    1. No, I found out that Thomas hadn't ever seen it so we've started at the beginning with old school Caroline Quentin episodes. It's SO 90s!

  2. Ooh real maple syrup is the best(although I often pick up a jug of the cheap stuff in the States as well!). You are always giving me Saltwater sandal envy. Would you say they run true to size? I am almost tempted to do a Modcloth order and send it to my Mom's house but my luck with ordering anything online lately is nonexistant. I love the shot of Missy on the chair - the yellow in the pillow compliments her eyes perfectly!

  3. your breakfast looks so good! This sounds like a really nice Saturday, time for a lie in, good food, a bit of book shopping and some Jonathan Creek - I can't wait when my Saturdays can be like this again and I can have cosy-at-home photo an hours days as well :)

  4. As I said over on Instagram, an evening of Jonathan Creek episodes sounds like the perfect Saturday night to me - I've watched them all so many times but they're amazing comforting, especially the older ones. I love all of your photo an hour posts, what a wonderful Saturday! C x

  5. I'm so looking forward to getting back into photo an hour next month, it's been such a long time since I did it.

    Also, I have quite the hankering for pancakes now, maybe I can convince the OH to make me pancakes for tea tonight. hmm.