Sunday, 18 December 2016

Photo An Hour: Saturday 17th December

In what I think is a record, I managed to remember Photo An Hour for the fourth month in a row, yay me! However, I mostly used my phone to take photographs yesterday and some of them aren't transferring properly from there to my laptop, and I'm frankly too hungover to work out what the problem is. So while some of these are different to the photos I posted to Instagram during the day, they were all taken at or near the appropriate hour.

For #PhotoAnHour last December, I had a lovely, festive at-home day of wrapping, reading, baking, and Strictly-watching. My day this year wasn't all that different, actually, although I did eventually leave the house (hence the hangover).
It's basically impossible to come up with different first photos every month: I've done my bed, my bedroom, my book... yesterday morning I woke up at about half past 8 to find Missy cowering from the washing machine (her greatest enemy), so at 9am I was still sitting on our bed with her, trying to get her to settle down to sleep. Hence the not-terribly-exciting photo of my dressing gown and the quilt.
By 10am the evil washing machine had finished tormenting her and Missy was up and begging for food. She's been mostly disinterested in the Christmas tree, but decided this morning that perhaps Dreamies were hidden in amongst the parcels, and had a good old nose around.
I'm making a few embroidered hoops as gifts this Christmas and spent a couple of hours in the morning working on this one (while trying to discourage the cat from chasing the thread as I sewed). Just a tiny peek, as I don't want to spoil the surprise.
The first of my missing photographs was of Missy staring at my embroidery. Ah well, I had too many cat photos in this post anyway. At midday, the postman had just delivered a stack of mail, including - thrillingly - these amazing Shakespeare stamps, which are destined for our wedding invitations.
A knock at the door, another postie, and the delivery of two boxes - a Thrifty Gift Swap parcel from Em and the most wonderful box of treats from Alex, which included The Best Card In The World. Just look at it: hundreds of Missy cats!
Some final bits of gift wrapping to complete, with the requisite Christmas music playing in the background, of course.
This may just look like another obsessive photograph of my cat (and is, undeniably, that too) BUT it's also capturing for posterity the moment Missy decided to try sitting on my lap again! You may remember from Photo An Hour in November that she'd only just started sitting on our laps.... well it lasted about three blissful weeks, and then she seemed to regress and went back to being very skittish and wary of us. So I was over the moon that she decided to settle in for a cuddle yesterday afternoon (even if it meant I couldn't finish my embroidery).
Up to now I'd been in my pyjamas all day (BLISS!) but it was finally time to get dressed and venture into town for some last bits of Christmas shopping.
My Daily Mail-reading, Brexit-voting step-grandmother is spending Christmas with us at my mums' house. What to get a racist old lady? Why, a Fair-trade scarf from India, of course. She probably won't even notice, but it cheered me up.
While trying to find a pub that wasn't rammed, we walked past this beautiful front door adorned with beautiful wreath.
Not only did we find a pub, but it had a lovely quiet upstairs area with tables - hooray! Meanwhile, I was very taken with Rose's necklace.
Still in the pub, and this photo illustrates nicely why I'm so hungover, because apart from this packet of crisps, I didn't have anything to eat. Oops.
I think that, strictly speaking, this was about 10.30pm when we finally left the pub and wended our merry ways home...
...where I unpacked my bag and remembered that I'd bought myself the best fox socks earlier.


  1. I love the idea of a photo an hour and really enjoyed having a good ol' nose at your day :) (I might give this a go at some point, although some Saturdays are bound to be more interesting than others!) I don't know where to start - gorgeously wrapped gifts and your cat is so cute, I think the hard-earned cuddles are the sweetest. Hope the wedding planning is going well! C x

    1. Yeah, there are some months when I don't take part in Photo An Hour because I'm doing literally nothing except sitting reading all day. This one at least I left the house (eventually!)

  2. The Shakespeare stamps are amazing! I love how cohesive your tree decor and gift wrap are! Yay for Missy being more lap friendly! I enjoy these posts so, I really must attempt one someday! :-)

    1. I am quite horribly anal about my tree and my gifts matching! I get quite traumatised when I then have to take the presents that match MY tree to put under my mums' tree, which never has the same scheme. Yes I am extremely sad.

  3. Best socks ever!! I am actually wearing a fox jumper as I type this :-)

    Love the Shakespeare stamps.

    1. Aren't they amazing?! £2.50 from New Look, bargain.

  4. I forgot about this AGAIN!! ARGH!!! Anyway, glad you remembered as I love having a peek at your day. Loving the cat pics, Missy is adorable. Bit of a fox theme going on there too...

    Your choice of gift for your step-grandmother made me chuckle ;-)

    1. Obviously I'm biased, but I do think she's a particularly lovely cat.

  5. Those stamps are beautiful! We used little bee stamps for our wedding invitations and it was lovely to put an extra personal touch to them rather than just sticking on a bog standard 1st class.

    1. Bee stamps?! That's so cute (and so you!)

  6. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! Love that necklace AND socks! Your presents are so pretty! We're just buying a house and I confess that I want YOUR house!!!! The one we are buying is tttiiiiiiiiiiiinny and I am a bit worried about its tininess, but we do like Turn of the century houses so we kind of grabbed one whilst we could find it!

    1. You've bought a house?!?!! Hooray! I can't wait to hear all about it.

  7. The socks! The stamps! The black cat card! Everything is perfect. I hope Missy sits on your lap frequently during your time off.

    1. Sadly, only one lap snuggle over the festive period :( Silly Missy cat.