Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Buyer's Archive: June

Since February 2015, inspired by Elise's Buyer's Archive project, I've been keeping a record of all my clothing purchases in an effort to track what works and what doesn't and - in theory - cut down on my spending. 

Apart from this post being extremely delayed, I actually didn't do too badly last month.

Denim skirt, Primark £7
I really can't explain why I bought yet another denim skirt: I think this is maybe my seventh? And not even black, like I wanted. It was a panic buy, a desperate grab at the only denim skirt near to my size (oh yeah it's also a size too big). Not my smartest ever buy, but I have worn it a few times, with a belt to prevent it falling down, so I'm trying to get my money's worth.

Grey marl t-shirt, Primark £2.50
Steff alerted me to the brilliance that is Primark's slouchy tees and I am so glad. This dark grey marl one is one of my buys of the summer: I wear it constantly, tucked into a variety of vintage midi skirts. This is a size 12 (and I am a size 16/18) so their size range would fit well into plus sizes.

Tote bag, Black Lodge Press £7.50 (bought with Etsy vouchers)
Isn't this just THE best bag you've ever seen? I've had Etsy vouchers burning a hole in my pocket since Christmas, but hadn't spied anything I really wanted to spend them on until I saw this on Black Lodge Press's Instagram feed.
Tan loafers, Clarks £25
I've worked my way through a variety of uncomfortable and ill-fitting tan loafers from fashion stores like Dorothy Perkins, and thought it was more than time I invested in a proper, leather pair. So I was thrilled to find the Griffin Milly loafers in the Clarks sale (they don't seem to be online anymore but they might still have them instore). Once autumn hits, I'll be wearing these non-stop with my skinny jeans.

I'm finding at the moment that either there aren't any clothes in the shops that interest me, or that I don't feel like I *need* new stuff, which is great. Could it be that my addiction to fast fashion and shopping is starting to wane? We'll see... But with six months of 2017 gone, I'm almost exactly on target to achieve my goal of spending only £600 on clothes, shoes and accessories.
But  June 2016 was a different story: I went on a real shopping spree and ended up spending a whopping £131.99. Of what I bought then, unfortunately nothing has been particularly well-worn with the exception of the ASOS T-bar shoes. I ended up having to sell the cat t-shirt because Missy hated it(!), and the turquoise midi skirt also got sold on. The polka dot skirt hasn't yet found its way into my regular wardrobe as I can't ever quite figure out what to wear it with. And I've found it hard to wean myself off my tote bag habit, so the Fjallraven rucksack - although a bargain - doesn't get used a huge amount. So yeah, overall not a terribly successful month of shopping.

Total for June: £42

Total so far for 2017: £291.69

Total this time last year: £334.63

Look out for the #buyersarchive hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see the other bloggers taking part.


  1. You did really well this month! I don't know if it's because it's my birthday month and so I've had extra pennies to spend, or being ill and therefore feeling sorry for myself but I have a huge list of things I have bought this month including a few pieces that have taken my total wayyyyyy up!

    1. Ooh I hope you'll share them cos I'm nosy like that! But yeah I know what you mean - although I haven't spent much on clothes again in July, I've spent SO much on other stuff and I think it's because I'm stressed and looking for ways to occupy my mind - unfortunately internet shopping seems to be my chief way of doing that!

  2. Well done on sticking to target, I'm a bit over but not so far that I can't rectify it over the next few months. Taking part in ABA really does make you think about what you're buying / spending I'm so glad I decided to take part.

    1. It's definitely been really helpful for me to be accountable for what I buy, even if it's just to a blog!

  3. I never go in primark, but that slouchy t sounds fab for the price! And I would love to do this but I am not quite ready to face my spending head on ;) x

    1. Yeah it can be somewhat depressing to realise how much I spend - even more so when I return a year later and realise how much is unworn!

  4. You did really well! You bought some nice classic pieces which will go with lots! Ahrgh, I need to start doing the archive again because my spending= reeeeeediculous!

  5. Yay, glad you liked the t shirts! How did I miss that charcoal grey, must be new!! I struggle with loafers too, I should just do the right thing and buy a decent pair, like your lovely Clarks ones, maybe that will fix it! I have the opposite denim skirt problem in that the only one that fits me right now is a back one, and I have yet to wear it - I keep telling myself I will (I watched Love on Netflix and briefly decided I would channel the edgy L.A. minimalist look in the denim skirt and tee like the protagonist...and uh lost that idea quick ;-0 I am so fickle and have no fashion identity halp). I have bought and returned so many clothes this month I have no idea where I stand at this point budget wise. You are doing well, especially as you seem to sell most things on you don't like, again, you are much smarter than me here. :--)