Sunday, 22 May 2016

Photo An Hour: Saturday 21st May

After a few month's break, I was keen to join in with May's Photo an Hour. Unfortunately, as always seems to happen, I had very few plans for the day so my photos aren't the most exciting, but I'm glad to be back nevertheless. Thanks to Louisa and Jane for organising!

A cheeky Saturday lie-in followed by a cuppa and a magazine. I don't know why I can't resist buying The Simple Things, as it drives me potty every time I read it: too much contradiction between "objects don't make you happy, live a simple life" and "buy this £10,000 kitchen or this £100 cushion."

Hmmm, spots, stripes of florals? Dark blue or black? Decisions, decisions... (I went for stripes and black).

Brunch with friends at Frankie & Benny's (oh the glamour). My pancakes were amazing.

12 noon: 
Quick dash round the supermarket to pick up the things I somehow forgot on my two supermarket visits on Friday. We really need to start properly meal planning, instead of only thinking one day ahead and having to constantly pop to the shops.

Home just in time for the post to arrive, and the May Bright Paper Packages parcel had arrived. I'm really not well suited to subscription boxes (ironic, considering I work for a subscription company!): I like the idea of surprises more than I like the reality. As it turns out, the May box was lovely, but I'm still glad I've now cancelled.

Adding some new postcards and prints to our office wall. The 'crazy cat lady' one could apply to either me or Thomas, to be fair.

Catching up on blog comments. I'd been considering going back out for a walk up to some secondhand bookshops in Clarendon Park, but the heavens opened and I decided to stay in the warm and dry instead.

The best time of day: tea and cake time.

After having such a long blogging break, I now have three months worth of purchases to photograph for the Buyer's Archive. This little outfit made me positively desperate to go on holiday somewhere warm and sunny.

I bought Jes Baker's book whilst in Edinburgh last month and have just started reading it. There are so many quotable bits already!

Chopped vegetables ready for roasting. My standard weekday lunch at work is couscous with roast veg and feta, so I popped these in the oven while I was baking a Camembert for my dinner. A small one, I hasten to add. And I had it with carrots and cucumber, so it's practically health food.

Wine o'clock!

I finished a book earlier in the day and then struggled to decide on what to read next. Looking over my bookshelves, my eyes alighted on an old favourite, The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood, which I haven't read for at least 10 years. So far, I'm enjoying it just as much as the first time around.

Yes, this photo is basically the same as 8pm's just with some candles. We hadn't moved from the sofa all night so I was running out of things to photograph! Not long after this we blew the candles out and went to bed, because that's how we roll on a Saurday night.


  1. This sounds like a perfect Saturday! I've just started meal planning in the hope it'll a) save us a fortune and b) stop the seemingly never-ending post work supermarket trips!

    1. We are so rubbish at meal planning, which means one of us is constantly in the supermarket, which in turns means we are spending ridiculous sums of money on food each month. We definitely need to change our habits!

  2. Looks like a perfect cosy Saturday! I missed out on Photo An Hour this month because I was working for nearly all of Saturday... Boo! Tea and cake time is always the best time :)

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  3. Meal planning has changed my life. That is such a dramatic statement, but it's taken the frustration away - I hated the daily 'what shall I cook tonight' dilemma - I now cook from scratch a lot more because I have the ingredients needed, which also means we're eating healthier. And I spend less too as I do one big shop a week, it stops me from putting extras in my basket.
    Your outfit makes me want to go on holiday.
    It looks like a pretty perfect, relaxed Saturday. Must remember to join in next month.

    1. Do you have any tricks and tips for meal planning or is it really just as simple as, well, sitting down and planning?!

  4. Meal planning makes me feel like a responsible adult! But then again most of the time Lee is away so it is just me and not much to plan. Those pancakes look amazing x

    1. Yeah, I managed really well when I was living on my own but have got out of the planning habit since Thomas moved in.